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   <P>Watsin Company was established in 1997, with efforts offered for several years, Watsin became the first succeeded in developing EGF into a medicine in the world and became the first to be attested as a biological pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprise by passing through the State GMP. The first rhEGF, being formally permitted to enter into the market as a medicine with the name ‘GeneTime’, gained its first emergence in Watsin and thus won the kind of newly emerging biological preparations in China developed independently and entirely by the enterprise’s own hands. In February of 2000, Watsin Company sponsored jointly a press conference for the entrance of the newly emerging medicine of the first class—the reorganized human epidermis growth factor derivative into the market, with the Chinese Medical Association in the Great Hall of The People while simultaneously with the announcement of nomination of the commodity as ‘GeneTime’ (formally being named as Yijifu) Sheng Zhiyong, (on the right), academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering was accompanied by Tu Guihong, chief engineer, to pay a visit to Watsin and had a view to its technical center; in the meantime the academician inscribed for the ‘GeneTime’, the inscription said: ‘rhEGF---An Exotic Flower in Wound Repair’.</P>
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